We are Evergreen Gems, a group of travel lovers that understand hospitality.

About Us

Cooking Class with Edith at La Clapassina

If you’re here, reading this page, you’re probably a lot like us. A travel lover who’s looking to get out and create new and lasting memories with the people you love. We believe that life is simply the accumulation of ones memories and experiences. That having love for the people around you and being loved in return is the most important thing.

We are a family owned and operated company composed of people who live to travel and seek to create lasting experiences. We’ve been around the world and back again and understand what good hospitality looks like. What works and even more importantly – what doesn’t!


Lunch after Ballooning

We’ve lived in Idaho for upwards of 40 years (some of us…) and are absolutely in love with the area. From the snow capped mountains around McCall, to the glacial lakes in the Sawtooth Mountains, and the sprawling lava flows at the Craters of the Moon. Idaho has everything any outdoor enthusiast is looking for. The variety of experiences to be had in the area is what has kept us here for so long and is ultimately what inspired us to create this business. Our family has always loved sharing experiences with others and we understand what makes a vacation memorable, comfortable and care-free. We firmly believe that you deserve the best care possible and, as past customers can attest, we will stop at nothing to help you create the experience of a lifetime.

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